The iGaming Series of Poker is a completely private tournament for event attendees and registered affiliates.

This tournament is not open to the general public. You will be asked to qualify your position in the industry before being considered for participation. Vetting procedures are in place to ensure you work in the gaming and gambling industry.

The main requirement is simple: you need to be working in the iGaming industry. Secondly you must have registered for the iGaming Conference where the tournament will be held. Then, you must register to play. Next, you need to qualify in a controlled and password-protected online freeroll tournament on the sponsors’ sites. You will be sent details of these once you have registered.

The Tournament

iGaming affiliate managers and affiliates will play a live no limit Texas hold’em freeze out over two days at the Affiliate Conference.

To play you must work in the iGaming industry and be attending the conference which will be verified by the event staff. The players at the event will need to qualify for the IGSOP offline tournament through a number of online restricted-list freeroll tournaments on the sponsors’ sites.